• Cindi

#166 - Thanks to Nitsa for these excellent updates: More K-Merchant Resources NOW AVAILABLE!

💫One Pager (FLYER) both front and back

💫K-Merchant Presentation (for Shopkeepers)

Now Available in Your Karatbars Backoffice under "General" then "Downloads" section

New Resources NOW Available at [](

Thank you Karatbars and Mr [Harald Konstantin Seiz]( 📷<3

💥BOTH Written Visual AND Video Tutorials

Easy step-by-step process to help walk through the registration AND set-up of K-Merchant system!

💥Stickers Images for Shop Keepers

(Affiliates can simply go to printers and get these images made in STICKER form. Give these out to your K-Merchants as they sign up!. Lets get the word out with visual advertising at each shop!

💥Terms and Conditions .

As an affiliate of Karatbars it is our duty to know the scope of the k-Merchant B2B system and protocol and take all responsibility to comply with regulatory laws in our market.

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