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#378 - V999 and KBC News - Prof Dr, Martin Uzik from The University of Berlin Explains the Project

Below is a recording of yesterday’s Corporate update explaining our new STABLE V999 coin, which has a ratio of 1 coin = 0.01 gram of GOLD and how works together with our KBC.

Also, everyone who has KBC coins needs to click on the link and join this Telegram Channel so that you can understand and be a part of the strategy that will SET THE PRICE of our KBC’s as they are relaunched with a NEW NAME on October 15th!

Stay Plugged In!

V999 And KBC News

Prof Dr, Martin Uzik from The Unversity of Berlin is in charge of the whole V999 project which is something we are very happy about. You can see in the picture below the study he did in 2016 which I actually have a copy of. His signature from the inside page is in the image below.

This man has a solid reputation going back decades so V999 and therefore KBC is in good transparent hands.

KBC Price

The KBC Price telegram group has already got over 3500 members which highlights that the field want KBC fixed and they are willing to help!

There has been videos created today which you can see inside the group!! This is something I am happy and comfortable to get behind as it is a community project.

Please join the group now and make sure every single person you know who owns KBC is on there too!

This is the link

I think that between the efforts of Martin on V999 and the telegram group we can really drive the price of KBC up, maybe even higher than we previously hoped!!

If this happens, then all this hassle in 2020 might just have been worth it!

Anyway, small steps... Lets get it past the break even point and push on from there.

The study from 2016

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