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#358 - Romanian Company (CryptoData) Aims To Develop New, Safer Internet - VOBP! 7/10/20

Romanian company CryptoDATA launched into Earth's stratosphere an experimental satellite that it plans to use for testing a new encrypted communication protocol called the Voice Over Blockchain Protocol (VOBP).

The company wants to expand the encryption technology to data transmission and "develop a safer internet, that anybody can use with no restrictions or permission."

Ovidiu Toma, the company's CEO, told G4Media that the project was a success: the weather balloon that lifted the satellite reached 38,600 meters, and everything worked as expected. Still, this was only a preliminary test. The company plans to launch its first test satellite into low orbit in February 2021, in partnership with Momentus and SpaceX, two pioneers in space transport.

The Romanian company's project is called GLOBAR and is a new global network that aims to communicate and transfer data between user terminals.

CryptoDATA's most important innovation is the VOBP (Voice Over Blockchain Protocol) encrypted communication technology. This protocol is currently implemented in the IMPulse K1 smartphone and WHIM Laptop devices.

"The GLOBAR project is the most important asset of our company. This ecosystem is, in fact, a decentralized communication network secured by blockchain technology. In short, it is a new internet that can be used by everyone without restrictions or approvals. The strong point of this technology is the communication protocol developed and patented by CryptoDATA, VOBP (Voice Over Blockchain Protocol)," explained the company's CEO Ovidiu Toma.

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