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#342 - Newsletter Update from Brian McGinty - 7/1/20

The Updates Seem To Be Coming Thick And Fast

Hello again,

I have been writing this newsletter for six years now and I always send one every week. I also like to keep it real and balanced like I do with my life. I don't over react, I look at both sides and I don't ever hype anything up.

The reason I don't promote something I don't believe in is that communication is only 7 percent verbal and 93 percent non-verbal. The non-verbal component was made up of body language (55 percent) and tone of voice (38 percent).

In other words if someone doesn't 100% believe in something you can tell regardless to what they are saying. Even in a newsletter I suspect!

So where am I going with this?... Well over the past six months I didn't have a strategy to get behind, I didn't know where Karatbars was going and didn't understand what was going on!

I am at last pleased to be able to give you some good news on that front as I now know what the plan/strategy is.

Over the past week I have spoken to Harald, Jurgen and also Josip Heit today one to one and they have all been able to explain why they did the "information blackout", why it was necessary and that now they can reveal it all. The Plan The whole team, Jurgen, Norbert and Markus have been working on products which will give us a lot of fast commissions and training to ensure that we no longer need to hold affiliates hands.

The idea is that 100% focus is still on accumulating gold but the trader and trainer will help affiliates put the gold to use to multiply it. This is the solution for all future affiliates and those who want to start earning quickly. We are still focused on gold but we are going to show people how to make more from it. When this was explained, it made total sense and it is something I think we all can promote. I wish they kept us up to date as the months have passed but they decided to get it ready instead. By speaking to us and updating everyone it could have taken many more months to create. Fair enough I suppose. Harald Seiz and Josip Heit meanwhile have been sorting, the bank, gold deposits, KBC strategy, new debit card option, the K1's , the WHIM's, and creating a plan which will keep the existing affiliates happy. They have also been spending a huge amount of time on keeping authorities happy with information requests. The problem in the past was partially that when they announced something, affiliates and those against the company would start alerting authorities and destroying ideas before they got completed. The plan has had to change but the goal remains the same. His words this week were "I said I will make millionaires from KBC owners and I will, I must keep my word". He is determined to make gold available to everyone worldwide and give everyone the chance to earn with a safe secure business (Like we had for years).

Harald Seiz knows what guarantees and promises he made but this is real life and things change. He is 100% determined to put everything right. It means changing structures, ideas, personnel etc but he is still moving towards the same aim. This will all be explained in detail in the coming days but here is my summary. They are going to pay out all cashgold owed from the gold vaults on Karatbit, give everyone the chance to earn 25% more on their KBC in the next three months, and bring the circulating supply down to 2 billion in the process. This will dramatically increase the value of KBC.

How? People can turn their BUNV in the vaults, their cashgold or KBC into the new stable coin and earn from them every time it moves. The stable coin will be on its own blockchain from 15th October, all gold is independently audited and in a Swiss bank. Gold is already there. This also makes a mockery of reports that "there is no gold" and was another accusation he was facing.

In short

1. The affiliate marketers will soon have good products to sell with great commissions and great units! (Within the next week 2. Those who want to buy gold have always been happy, no one can beat Karatbars prices for gold. The delivery times are already improving which was something I wanted fixed. That was mostly a Covid issue and not Karatbars to be fair.

3. Those who liked the vaults, passive income will have the new stable coin option to earn from.

4. Those who enjoy or want to learn trading will have the new autotrader bot and training to complement it. That means better duplication which we have been lacking for years.

5. Those who bought KBC will see its value rise dramatically by the end of the year. That will make a lot of people happy, stop a lot of the negativity and bring a lot of affiliates back to the company.

6. K1's , WHIM's CEM's will all be delivered and improved with software updates.

7. We will have an independent crypto/fiat card to use worldwide. The bank licence is in place. My summary

I am certain that some people will be annoyed about the changes, "more stuff to do", some people will be annoyed about the ratios of conversions, "I seem to be losing out".

Just please take it from me that I have looked at the whole thing and if you just give it a chance I don't think anyone will lose out. Just follow the steps.

Losing out is when there is no Karatbars website, Harlad Seiz has gone to live on an island and says hes had enough. Losing out is when there is no company. Karatbars as a concept annoys a lot of authorities anyway but Harald keeps fighting them and seems to keep winning.

Right now we are moving forward again and things should start to grow. If KBC is at €0.05 or higher by the end of the year many many people will be very happy, including myself.

Harald's not doing it for the money that's for sure and Josip never needed the money in the first place.

The fact is they are still here, still determined to complete the project and in my opinion they seem to have a good chance of doing it with this plan!

Now that I have something to work with I can get back to work! Just as the kids go back to school this weekend... I couldn't have timed it better myself! My Recommendation As always I will try to keep everyone up to speed and send you any useful information I can. I will create a new team video and powerpoint as soon as i have it all right in my mind.

What I would definitely recommend is buying up as much KBC as you can now because it is about to start growing in price. If you don't know how to buy it please let me know.

Also start buying as much cashgold as you can because it is about to have many more exciting uses.

It is vital now that you listen to every leaders/corporate webinar starting today at 5pm CET. They happen every week at the same time (See Photo)

Have a great week.


Brian McGinty

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