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#326 - Gold, Silver & Crypto: Insurance Against a Corrupt Fed - Robert Kiyosaki

Throughout history, “money” has been many different things. Money has taken the form of seashells, colored beads, feathers, live animals, and large stones. Today, there are three types of modern money. Robert Kiyosaki says they are:

1. God’s money: Gold and silver

2. Government’s money: Dollars, Euros, pesos, etc.

3. People’s money: Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.

Most are taught that saving money is smart but the truth is the dollar is worthless because the Fed is has been printing trillions of dollars ultimately make savers the biggest loser of all. So if saving money isn’t smart, what is? Get on your own gold standard, outside of the banks. Always remember gold and silver were here when the Earth was formed, and it will be here when we are all gone.

In this episode, host Robert Kiyosaki and guests Anthony Pompliano and Brien Lundin give listeners an in-depth look into how assets like gold, silver, and cryptocurrency are insurance against a dying dollar.

Brien projects both a date and value of $2,200-$2,300 one year from now!

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