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#297 - Trump, Putin and Jinping together stand for a global Blockchain based Currency System

"Whether true or not, this article eludes to an inevitable move (in my opinion) towards a technology and means of financial management we have been expounding and positioning in for years.... get ahead of this, listen very carefully to people like Harald Seiz and use Karatbars as a vehicle to be ahead of a wealth transfer". Sean Moloney

Trump, Putin and Jinping together stand for a global Blockchain based Currency System Blockchance ConferenceFollow Mar 31 · 3 min read

Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Xi JinpingApril 1st 2020 — in the middle of the Corona crisis Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping, state leaders of USA, Russia and China, surprisingly decided to join forces in a conference call this morning to develop a new blockchain technology based world monetary system backed by gold.

We are facing the biggest global economic challenge that mankind has ever had to face. Only by acting globally can we prevent humanity from sliding into an unstoppable downward spiral”, said Donald Trump

Donald Trump, Xi JinpingUnder the leadership of Trump, the leaders of the USA, Russia and China have unexpectedly come together to talk about the launch of a new digital and decentralized monetary system for the world. Talks are already underway with the EU, Japan, South Korea and some other states. “We hope to end up with the broadest and most global alliance possible, which would be the first time that all the people of the world would pull together. A new chapter in human history is beginning today.” said Xi Jinping

The new world economic system and the currency associated with it is to use the blockchain technology, which is also the foundation of the well known crypto currencies Bitcoin and Ethereum, for example. Instead of central banks, algorithms determine the global money supply. Unlike classic crypto currencies and the paper fiat money we use today, the new currency will be 100% backed by gold, free of state intervention and absolutely safe from falsification. A new era is dawning for mankind.

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin work together hand in hand to save global economic systemTo make the track for the new world currency, the currently privately organized central banks, will be de-privatized. The new currency will be published free of bureaucracy as an open source public blockchain.

“We want to restore confidence in values and social order. The world community and especially our children deserve a better future. The dysfunctional central banking system has had its day,” said Vladimir Putin. Prof. Dr. Tomas Heidelberg, well known international monetary expert, confirms that the plan could work out and possibly is the only way to slow down the global corona triggered recession and avert the economic depression that is coming. “For several hundred years our financial system has functioned mediocrely. It has been programmed to experience economic crashes on a regular basis. There was a constant redistribution from the bottom to the top. It’s a bold and necessary step that many economists have been waiting for for a long time. The world is changing and we are only at the beginning of a long and exciting process of change. To see crises and challenges as opportunities is probably an art of living that is now being rediscovered. (efef)

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