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#204 - Marvin Steinberg - Confession to the Police and the Handelsblatt


ECONOMY 24.11.2019

In the recent article on crypto-financial market BERLINER TAGESZEITUNG has dealt with the allegations of the BaFin (Federal Financial Supervisory Authority) compared to the last successful Stuttgart gold trader Karatbars and its cryptocurrencies, which are deposited according to information from "Karatbars International" with gold - the Karatgold Coin and KaratCoinBank Coin = .

The managing director of "Karatbars International GmbH", Harald Seiz, recently found clear words and rejected the request of BaFin - to "winding-up" - in full.

Now BERLINER TAGESZEITUNG, since today Sunday, November 24, 2019, before exclusive documents in which there is a scandal in the air, which could once again massively shake the West German media landscape, if the current findings turn out to be true.

As BERLINER TAGESZEITUNG learned on Sunday, Marvin Steinberg was arrested on 21 October 2019 when entering Dubai (United Arab Emirates) on the basis of an arrest warrant issued to the airport police according to BERLINER TAGESZEITUNG! According to statements by airport employees, Steinberg landed in a private jet, with which he "evidently wanted to secede from the judiciary," according to the police in Dubai (investigating criminal police, Jebel Ali station - UAE).

The Criminal Investigation Department in Dubai, responsible for international serious crime (computer and financial fraud sector), leads the process under the file number: "Reference number 219004124847" = Weblink: jpeg

Well, after three weeks in jail in Dubai, which of course does not have the comforts of a private jet, Marvin Steinberg, according to police from the Jebel Ali (UAE) police station to BERLINER TAGESZEITUNG, " tries to save his proverbial skin and flees after repeated Finally interrogate the truth, a possible gigantic Medienkomplotts in Germany ", this to the previously massive economic disadvantage of" Karatbars International ".

Marvin Steinberg claimed, according to the investigating criminal police (station Jebel-Ali - UAE), in an interrogation, "that he wants to have paid, among other money to journalists of the prestigious" Handelsblatt ", with the aim of the reputation of " Karatbars International " questioning and financially damaging them, "which, in turn, if one believes these statements from the Dubai police, would mean that reputable Handelsblatt journalists would have bought Marvin Steinbergh and, contrary to their own a highly criminal smear campaign against " Karatbars International "- sold as pure truth for publication ...

According to a confession in the police interrogation protocol and an internationally recognized expertise (report by an independent international expert on the damage caused by Marvin Steinberg), which has instructed "Karatbars International" according to the knowledge of BERLINER TAGESZEITUNG, Steinberg apparently remained nothing more left than the truth be told ', see Web =

Nevertheless welcomes the judicial police in Dubai (UAE) the return of Marvin Steinberg to truth and therefore the actual confession, in which other persons involved, according to "Karatbars International" to BERLINER TAGESZEITUNG,"a questionable smear campaign German media by means of dirty Schmähkritik, determine and pursue in the short term also Zivilprozess- as well as criminally".

"If the allegations of the Marvin Steinberg can prove, surely police investigations are taken up against the" Handelsblatt "and its coworkers" , It is called "Karatbars International", opposite BERLINER TAGESZEITUNG, this Sunday.

"The public prosecutor of Dubai, Prosecutor: Jamal al Shurafaa, told the attorney team of" Karatbars International "in the United Arab Emirates, according to the statement, the following names, which Steinberg is said to have heavily charged in his confession: Jakob Blume and Lars-Marten Nail. Also the name of a journalist named: Mary-Ann Abdelaziz-Ditzow, according to "Karatbars International" is currently in focus of Steinberg's allegations. "

Reviews of all this - does not take BERLINER TAGESZEITUNG! Should all this be confirmed, however, there could be a media scandal in the air, which could more than easily damage the reputation of the renowned "Handelsblatt" and possible fake news in "SPIEGEL", whose editor Claas Relotius recalls, without commenting on it Place here even in the least - to draw a whatsoever comparison or even want to produce.

Because of his extensive confession, which here again in excerpts in the Web link is retrievable = Steinberg was interrogated by the prosecution in Dubai (UAE), told to the lawyers of "Karatbars International", the following at the Criminal Police Dubai:

1)  "Journalists false information about an alleged pyramid scheme of" Karatbars International ", against cash payments in the five-digit range - to have given "

2)  " dissemination of untrue information about the Karat Gold Coin (Utility Token - KBC) on the Internet, inter alia from 03 July 2019 and earlier, to have disseminated "

3)  "Theft of Karat Gold Coins (Utility Token - KBC), amounting to 400,000,000 (four hundred million coins) (value according to expertise - 40,000,000 (forty million euros)"

4)  "Market manipulation by false accusations and deliberately false information to the media"

5)   " Sale of 400,000,000 (four hundred million coins) - (value according to the aforementioned expertise - 40,000,000 (forty million)), and at the same time an associated market manipulation to destruction The Karat Gold Coin (Utility Token - KBC)

seeks to disguise its theft. " This confession, it is likely, remains to be seen in the near future , according to information from" Karatbars International " , what the actual amount of the financial loss would be -Gold-Coin (Utility Token - KBC) by Marvin Steinberg in reality is? "

" The financial damage that media would have a significant blame ", the lawyers of "Karatbars International" in the UAE, on Sunday, told BERLINER TAGESZEITUNG - on telephone demand!

Currently, according to information from "Karatbars International", the following is clear: "The Karat Gold Coin (Utility Token - KBC) had before July 4, 2019, so before the statement by the police in Dubai (UAE), Marvin Steinberg committed media and market manipulation, a value of 1.1 billion euros (market capitalized) and is now, after this smear campaign comes to light, at 70,000,000 (seventy million) euros, which, among other things, a gigantic financial loss, not only for the owners of the Karat Gold Coin (Utility Token - KBC). "

In other articles, BERLINER TAGESZEITUNG will publish documents in the form of appraisals, which show that Karatbars does not run a fast ball system sales program. These reports and documents, an internationally renowned company in the economic sector, are currently available exclusively to BERLINER TAGESZEITUNG.

Conclusion: After clear evaluation of the lawyers of "Karatbars International" against BERLINER TAGESZEITUNG is currently determined: "To this day, there are, according to all verifiable information, no complaints or even lawsuits of customers or investors, to Karatbars International GmbH!"

In addition, it must be stated factually that the BaFin (Federal Financial Supervisory Authority) to this day, November 24, 2019, has made no decision against "Karatbars International"! It should also be noted that the Karat Gold Coin (Utility Token - KBC) was issued in Belize, as the BaFin only wants to make a decision there by way of approach.

According to the Attorney General in Dubai (UAE), Attorney General Sami Al Shamsi, Bur Dubai's Attorney General:"... allowed the German citizen Marvin Steinberg, against the background of his confession, for the time being leave the prison. A judicial confiscation of the passport was ordered by Marvin Steinberg. Marvin Steinberg may also leave until the completion of the prosecutorial investigation, by means of an exit ban - for now the United Arab Emirates, for one (one) year. "


Note from the editors: At this point it is factually pointed out: This article is based on the Press Act, Land Brandenburg, as well as valid in all other German states, see Brandenburg State Press Law - BbgPG, 15 June 1965 (GVBl. Berlin p. 744). As last amended by the Law of 3 July 2003, Paragraph 3, Paragraph 3, which states that "the press performs a public function, in particular by collecting and disseminating news, commenting, criticizing or otherwise acquitting the free In this respect, it generally takes legitimate interests within the meaning of Clause 193 StGB true, which also applies to exaggerated caricatures in this context, reporting can be critical, but without any abusive criticism, any kind of insult is in no way intended and will not take place on the pages of BERLINER TAGESZEITUNG! BERLINER TAGESZEITUNG is committed to the liberal democratic constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany. Opinions of the population - are duly marked in the article. " arvin Steinberg:

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