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#128 - Note the following communication from Karatbars on 8/17/19

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

Dear Beloved Community,

We care for your security! Yesterday, Karatbars credentials for Karatbit login were temp suspended for security updates., we are back live with some new cool features meant to protect your assets as follows:

1) You can now use your Karatbars email for login, but with a new password. If you used to login with Karatbars credentials please use the "forgot password" on Karatbit in order to generate a new password. ( we suggest a different one than Karatbars )

2) If your Karatbit 2FA is not activated, you are now requested to do it. Trading, withdrawals or Karatbit settings is now possible only with activated 2FA. PLEASE REMEMBER to save your 2FA recovery phrase when activating it!

3) For newly activated 2FA accounts, withdrawals and account settings will be disabled for the first 72 hours after activation.

Please keep in mind, our team is constantly working to improve the security features and fight against scammers and phishing



Ovidiu Toma

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