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#126 - How to use the new e-mail receipt security feature on Karatbit - Crypto School -Ep 6

New e-mail receipt security feature on Karatbit – Latest News - 7/25/19

Dear affiliates,

please note that we have a new feature for Karatbit. What is the new feature about? With every e-mail you receive from Karatbit you will also get a security token code with it. This code simply is an important security factor which helps you to identify that the e-mail you have received is from Karatbit and not from hackers. You will find this code at the bottom of your received e-mail.

If you are not sure that this e-mail is official and you are afraid that you might be hacked, please copy the code in the e-mail and check on the following address:

There you find a field where you copy paste the security token code, then confirm with a click that you are no robot and check the code. The site then will confirm the e-mail and the reason you received it.

One more feature to secure you and your wallet against scammers. Please use it to your own security.

Additionally, we would like to refer you to our YouTube video under the following link:

Thank you very much for your attention.

Kind regards Your Karatbars Team

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