• Cindi

#125 - How to renew your 2-Factor-Authentication on - Crypto School - Ep 7

Copied from “Latest News” 8/15/19

Dear KARATBARS Community!


Every day, more and more scammers target our community. Every day, more and more users compromise their Karatbars / Karatbit login credentials by accessing fake/scam/phishing "pages / promotions / emails " impersonating us.

PLEASE Make sure you activate 2FA both in KARATBARS and KARATBIT accounts. This way, even if scammers get access to your credentials, they cannot login and steal your assets.

Also, make sure you NEVER use the same password for your email and Karatbars / Karatbit accounts!

REMEMBER! 2FA (2 Factor Authenticator) will defeat 99.99999% of the phishing / scam attempts!

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