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#124 - How to install the 2-Factor on - copied from “Latest News” Dated 8/2019

Good day dear affiliates,

We truly care about your security and safety, so we had to act quickly and decisively. As you may be aware, the hacking of our affiliates increases exponentially due to nature of our business, gold and crypto (treats for hackers). Please accept our apology for not informing you before we decided to take down the log-in option into the Karatbit. In this case we had to act on: “The ends justifies the means”. Thank you for understanding and your co-operation.

2FA is becoming a must option in our Karatbars and Karatbit systems and it is crucial that every affiliate does the activation. Please follow the instruction so that you may be able to activate it without any issues and problems.

To activate your 2FA please do the following steps:

Step 1: Log-in into your Karatbars account Step 2: Click “Profile” and then “Settings” Step 3: Click on “Two-Factor Authenticator” Step 4: Click the empty box (To the left of “Enable Two-Factor”) Step 5: Now you are asked to scan the QR code (Dotted picture) alternatively you can use the code below the QR Step 6: To scan the code you will need to download a mobile app

For Android or Apple operating systems users:

1. Go to Mobile Applications store and search for “Google Authenticator” 2. Please make sure that the creator of the app is “Google LLC” (Grey icon with the looks of an old bank vault handwheel) 3. Download the app and open it. 4. Select Begin Setup. Once the app is open, please click on the “red circle with the white plus” 5. Choose option: “Barcode scan”, 6. Allow the access of your camera if prompted

7. Scan the barcode provided on the Karatbars site with your phone.

8. Once it is scanned you will see on your phone a new tab with six blue digits that are constantly changing every 30 seconds. Note: Before you enter the 6 digit code - take a screen shot of the barcode and the long security recovery code number AND write down the number as a backup - so that you can manually deactivate the 2FA if your phone is lost or damaged. Without that code, it’s a lot more complicated to undo the authenticator! Once you have scanned the code use those six blue digits. Please input them on the Karatbars site under the QR code into the section: “Enter six-digit code” 9. Press “Apply” and your 2FA has been successfully activated. 10. Next time when you try to log-in into your Karatbars account and afterwards, you will be asked to input the always changing six blue digits code from the Google authenticator mobile app.

NOTICE: do not uninstall the app, otherwise you will lose your six blue digits thus making you unable to log-in into your account and you will have to contact our support team.

All the best wishes,

Your Karatbars team

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